Our Teams and Condition

01. Self-3 Product Sale i.e., Left, Right, Extra is compulsory, otherwise Independent distributor will not eligible for any Income. Sales Promotion Payout Fortnight i.e. closing: 10th, 20th & month end of every month. Payout: After next Closing.
02. Payout Fortnight, Maximum Payout Rs. ₹80,000/- in a Fortnight.
03. Reward at Ex-Showroom price. All Rewards give at our Co. Sales Promotion Seminar. Tour is compulsory. This is decided by Company. Yearly 2 time for more details read product purchase application which is valid online only.
04. For Re-Purchase 10% deducted from every payout. Products delivered min. Rs. ₹2000/-. Home delivery, by speed post, postage charges born by you minimum Rs. ₹250/- or as per market.
05. B.V. = Business Value (1 B.V. = ₹400 Rupee), 1 Pan Card 1 Product / Independent Distributor only.
06. Any Tour or Training Trip, Training Fees Charged by Company upto Rs. ₹500/- to Rs. ₹5000/- only for miscellaneous. Rewards, Tours, M.F.A, next to next pair counting. Rs. ₹10000/- and above all Rewards Income after TDS Deduction as per Govt. norms.
07. Product cost Increasing Every Year 10% that is 1st Year Product Cost 2021, ₹5600/-, 2nd Year , ₹6160/-, 3rd Year 2023, ₹6776/-
08. Starter Kit – Sales Promotion Product Manual 1 Leaflet, 1 Form for Purchase Any 1 Product Package Offline Form, Online Login Pin. Next by Purchase Leaflet Rs. ₹5/- and Product Purchase Offline Form Rs. ₹3/-.
09. Daughter / Sister Marriage Loan, your income 10 times, on 0% Interest (applicable on Assistant Sales Manager)
10. Help for Purchasing 2 wheeler, 4wheeler, contact your immediate upline or directors. (Mail us: [email protected] & [email protected])
11. Major Medical upto 2 Lakhs (applicable on Sr. Marketing Director).
12. Each member has to pay Rs. ₹100/- for the training certificate. And postal charge of Rs ₹50/-
13. For Digital ID card, the member has to deposit Rs. ₹500 with KYC.
14. For PVC ID card, the member has to pay Rs. ₹100 with KYC (Application Form for ID card, Welcome Letter & Registration Certificate).
15. It is mandatory to have a training certificate issued by SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP for AGROMARINE Scholarship Scheme. Only one member of the family can apply for this scholarship.
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Last Updated: 11th March, 2021

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