Our Shipping & Pickup Procedures

Orders may be placed online on website, by phone and picked up at any of our Service Centers. Details are given below:
Picking Up Orders
Pickup orders can be placed at any of the offices. Payment options for Orders can be Cash, Demand Draft, Credit Card and Debit Card.
Pickup hours for all Service Centers are:
 Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.
 Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m.
 Sunday (Closed)

Home Delivery
Home Delivery orders can be placed on website or at offices only.
Payment mode options for these orders can be:

Orders placed at Office: Cash, Demand Draft, Debit Card or Credit Card.
 Orders placed at Call Center by phone: Credit Card and Pay-by-Challan.
 Orders placed at Website: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, Wallet Balance, Pay-by-Challan.
 Orders placed at SAMIUN App: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, Wallet Balance, Pay-by-Challan.

Home Delivery Schedule:
Standard Delivery orders will be delivered within:
 Local: 2-4 business days from the order date.
 Up-Country: 5-8 business days from the order date.
 Outside Delivery Area (Remote Locations): 8-10 business days from the order date.
We deliver only on business days.

Home Delivery Orders Delivery fees:

For Registered Customers (CBD):

01. Self-3 Product Sale i.e., Left, Right, Extra is compulsory, otherwise Independent distributor will not eligible for any Income. Sales Promotion Payout Fortnight i.e. closing: 10th, 20th & month end of every month. Payout: After next Closing.
02. Payout Fortnight, Maximum Payout Rs. ₹80,000/- in a Fortnight.
03. Reward at Ex-Showroom price. All Rewards give at our Co. Sales Promotion Seminar. Tour is compulsory. This is decided by Company. Yearly 2 time for more details read product purchase application which is valid online only.
04. For Re-Purchase 10% deducted from every payout. Products delivered min. Rs. ₹2000/-. Home delivery, by speed post, postage charges born by you minimum Rs. ₹250/- or as per market.
05. B.V. = Business Value (1 B.V. = ₹400 Rupee), 1 Pan Card 1 Product / Independent Distributor only.
06. Any Tour or Training Trip, Training Fees Charged by Company upto Rs. ₹500/- to Rs. ₹5000/- only for miscellaneous. Rewards, Tours, M.F.A, next to next pair counting. Rs. ₹10000/- and above all Rewards Income after TDS Deduction as per Govt. norms.
07. Product cost Increasing Every Year 10% that is 1st Year Product Cost 2021, ₹5600/-, 2nd Year , ₹6160/-, 3rd Year 2023, ₹6776/-
08. Starter Kit – Sales Promotion Product Manual 1 Leaflet, 1 Form for Purchase Any 1 Product Package Offline Form, Online Login Pin. Next by Purchase Leaflet Rs. ₹5/- and Product Purchase Offline Form Rs. ₹3/-.
09. Daughter / Sister Marriage Loan, your income 10 times, on 0% Interest (applicable on Assistant Sales Manager)
10. Help for Purchasing 2 wheeler, 4wheeler, contact your immediate upline or directors. (Mail us: [email protected] & [email protected])
11. Major Medical upto 2 Lakhs (applicable on Sr. Marketing Director).
12. Each member has to pay Rs. ₹100/- for the training certificate. And postal charge of Rs ₹50/-
13. For Digital ID card, the member has to deposit Rs. ₹500 with KYC.
14. For PVC ID card, the member has to pay Rs. ₹100 with KYC (Application Form for ID card, Welcome Letter & Registration Certificate).
15. It is mandatory to have a training certificate issued by SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP for AGROMARINE Scholarship Scheme. Only one member of the family can apply for this scholarship.
*T&C Apply

Last Updated: 11th March, 2021

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