Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Training

Now learn Oyster Mushroom cultivation with SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP. Oyster mushroom are one of the easiest varieties of mushrooms to grow, they’re delicious to eat & really healthy for you too. Oyster mushrooms, the common name for the species Pleurotus oustreatus, are one of the most common types of cultivated mushrooms in the world. They’re also known as pearl oyster mushroom or white oyster mushroom. The fungi grown commercially in many countries.

SAMIUN AGROMARINE LLP provides India’s no.1 online course that helps you start a home based Mushroom Farming business. Get live doubts clearing sessions & Lifetime access to course material. Enroll now. Get Certified Online. Doubt clearing sessions; Whatsapp support.


  1. Introduction to oyester mushroom.
  2. Health benefits of oyester mushroom.
  3. Economic importance of oyester mushroom.
  4. Opportunities in oyester mushroom cultivation.
  5. How to start mushroom cultivation.
  6. Substrate and substrate preparation.
  7. Required growing house facilities.
  8. Low cost mushroom products.
  9. Marketing strategy.
  10. Marketing strategy.
  11. Visit to mushroom farm.
  12. Practical Training.

OYSTER MUSHROOM Cultivation Training (COMBO)

Benefit of Package A01
01. After making a payment to the company’s account (company specific bank account) you will receive a registration number for Lifetime, and there is no renewal charge.
02. You get CPD Post (Crops Producer & Developer). And you can take CBD Post (Cultivation & Business Developer).
03. Company Trainer or CBD Member will come to your home for home training (Practical Training) and you will KIT for training.
04. Registration Card with Customer Picture and Welcome Letter (After Registration, Welcome Letter and Member will get Registration Certificate with his own photo.)
05. Buyback Assurance of dry mushroom (in letter). The company will buy dried mushrooms from you at INR 700/- per kg.
06. Get Personal User Portal to solve farming problems. (Free access for lifetime)
07. You will get ORGANIC Set, for 10 kg seeds (for A01 Product only).
08. After 45 days from the day you registration, you will be able to start farming with all the seeds of the product you have taken by order. And with 100 polybags. (Only Product A01 & A02) and (5 kg seeds and 50 polybags for A03.)
09. Training Certificate with Customer Picture & Hologram {after 90 days from the day you registration you will get an Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Training Certificate* if you apply}.
10.Next time you can purchase 10 kg oyster mushroom seeds, 100 polybags and the required organic set for only INR 3700/ –
11. If the company or we have to deliver the product to you, you have to pay the delivery charge. {Delivery will be from bus stop to bus stop and from railway station to railway station} DTDC, Delivery.com & Indian Post Services also Available
12. SAMIUNNISA Scholarships Scheme for Students
13. The company will help you to create the Project File* that is required for big projects with a loan from the bank.
14. After one year of cultivation (minimum six time), the company will give you a digital ID card. DIGITAL ID CARD and you can get “Natural Death Insurance” Benefit upto 1 Lakhs.
15. LOAN FACILITY: If a member (CPD / CBD / IBC) cultivates for one year or works for Business Development the company will give him a loan for cultivating.


If you are interested please make sure you register in advance. We do not entertain direct people.

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