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Ginger Cultivation (Training)

Cultivate ginger and become self-sufficient. Ginger is a lucrative spice crop. Cultivate ginger in cement or jute (150 bags) and earn 25 to 30 thousand rupees. Cultivate ginger in cement or jute bags using modern technology. It is possible to cultivate in this way near the backyard or in an abandoned place. You can contact us for details on how to cultivate ginger in sacks, care of ginger cultivation and income. Contact for all information. Contact us if you want to cultivate ginger or if you want to earn by cultivating ginger.
Ginger is one of the major spice crops of India Ginger has been used as a spice, medicine and beauty ingredient in our daily life since Vedic times. In addition to pickles and tea, ginger is used in many dishes to create fragrance It is also used for coughs and colds in winter Ginger is used as ginger Ginger oil, powder and anglyorgin are also used in medicine.
Understanding the importance of ginger, farmers should cultivate it with scientific technology to get higher yield So that they can get more benefits This article provides complete information on how to do advanced cultivation of ginger To know more about Organic Advanced Ginger Cultivation, read here – How to Organic Ginger Cultivation, Know Varieties, Care and Yield
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  1. You will get a registration number for Lifetime, & there is no renewal fee.
  2. Personal User Portal gets to work.
  3. Door Step Practical Training for Every Crop*
  4. Registration Card with Customer Photo
  5. Nominee & Insurance Coverage Facility*
  6. Training Certificate with Customer Picture & Hologram*
  7. Buyback Assurance for Every Crop (in letter)
  8. Government grants will be provided
  9. Death Benefit Up to One Lakhs*
  10. Loan Facility for Big Farming*
  11. SAMIUNNISA Scholarships Scheme*

Ginger Cultivation Training

Benefit of Package G01
01. After making a payment to the company’s account (company specific bank account) you will receive a registration number for Lifetime, and there is no renewal charge.
02. You get CPD Post (Crops Producer & Developer). And you can take CBD Post (Cultivation & Business Developer).
03. Registration Card with Customer Picture and Welcome Letter (After Registration, Welcome Letter and Member will get Registration Certificate with his own photo.)
04. Get Personal User Portal to solve farming problems. (Free access for lifetime)
05. Company Trainer or CBD Member will come to your home with ginger seeds, training (home training) and you will also get fungicide powder for ginger seed treatment. 05. Buyback Assurance of Coconut (in letter). Our company will buy ginger from you at INR 40/ – per kg.
06. You will get 10 kg of seeds for cultivation and Fungicide for purification of ginger seeds.
07. From the day you register, you will be able to start farming with all the seeds (10kg) of the product you have taken by ordering* (informing the company) in the next season.
08. Training Certificate* with Customer Picture & Hologram (At least 180 days after registration, if you apply}.
09. If the company or we have to deliver the product to you, you have to pay the delivery charge. {Delivery will be from bus stop to bus stop and from railway station to railway station} DTDC, & Indian Post Services also Available.
10. Next time you can buy 10 kg ginger seeds and necessary fungicide instead of only INR 3750/-*. (At least 1 year after registration)
11. After five year of cultivation (minimum six time), the company will give you a digital ID card. DIGITAL ID CARD and you can get “Natural Death Insurance” Benefit upto 1 Lakhs.
12. SAMIUNNISA Scholarships Scheme for Students.
13. The company will help you to create the Project File* that is required for big projects with a loan from the bank.
14. LOAN FACILITY: If a member (CPD / CBD / IBC) cultivates for one year or works for Business Development the company will give him a loan for cultivating.


If you are interested please make sure you register in advance. We do not entertain direct people.

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