Franchise Payout Type

  1. KYC (New Registration) Commission
     INR 50/-* Per KYC to INR 165/-* Per KYC (As per products)
  2. KYC (New Registration) Reward / Bonus
  3. New Training Bonus
     ₹400/-* Per Farmer to INR ₹1200/-* Framer (As per products)
  4. CROP Collection Commission
     1% to 3% on Billing Amount (As per products)
  5. Repurchase Cultivation Products Selling Commission
  6. FMCG Product Purchase Commission
    (Instant Discount on MRP)
  7. FMCG Product Selling Commission
    (On Bill Amount / Selling)
  8. Royalty Bonus Income
  9. Award, Tours & Monthly Filed Allowance (MFA)
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